Open or closed transport of passenger vehicles throughout Europe.

Do you want to transfer your vehicle to another location, presumably to other European countries, and are you looking for a professional service provider for your transport? With an exclusive carrier, you are right. In addition to opening car transports, we offer the following services:

Closed vehicle transport

Do you want your vehicle, e.g., an old car, a racing car or a sports car, to arrive safely at its destination? Then contact us: our closed transports are 100% reliable.

Imports of vehicles Switzerland, Andorra

Would you like to import your vehicle from the EU to Switzerland or Andorra? No problem, we take care of everything you need.

Airport Service

We are pleased to offer delivery of your vehicle in a closed or open van at any European airport. We also have several services such as car washing which we offer as well.

Vehicle transport throughout Europe

The transfer of vehicles throughout Europe can also be taken over by us. If you want to emigrate or have your car in the country where you spend your holidays, we will be happy to take care of it.

Automobile Storage

We work with a partner company that specializes in professional vehicle storage.

Automobile Transportation Requires Planning

It takes a lot of planning and experience to transport a car and especially valuable vehicles such as sports cars, racing cars or vintage cars. Our experienced transport specialists are trained to keep up to date in this world.

In the run-up to transporting the car, we will work with you to answer any important questions you may have to avoid misunderstandings, for example, with insurance.

Our private vehicle transfer transports are equipped with special additional ramps, which allow a particularly low access angle of less than 4°. As a result, any sports car can be loaded by our company.

As a customer, you are the center of our service. We guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of our vehicle transports at all times, all over Europe. Of course, we advise you comprehensively and respond to your most specific wishes.

Please contact us at any time, we will be happy to welcome you as a customer.